No matter how careful we may be, we can still say something that can hurt someone’s feelings. We may talk too much on a subject and bore someone. We could talk on spirituality without realizing the other person might not be ready for it. Our jokes may also backfire. So should we not talk at all? This is my weakness, as I like to talk with my guard down and just enjoy being myself. Unfortunately, the world has a lot of sensitive people and we have to fit in. That is why I love talking to my spiritual Masters—I can be myself. When they are not around, I always have God. God may or may not be real, but, at least, someone is listening and, in time, also answering.You can give them any name—the listener is patient, has a sense of humor, gives short, wise answers and their feelings are not hurt. If we ignore them for some time, relationships are not damaged. Whoever You are, I thank You for giving me a chance to let my guard down completely. Satish Daryanani