I heard a mother complaining to my spiritual Master about her son. This is normal for the masters. The only problem was that the mother was 89 years old and her son was 68. The son was already a grandfather. He also complained about his mother that his mother was still trying to control all aspects of his life. At what age will you let your children grow up and become adults? When will the pampering stop? You, too, at one point became an adult. I thank God for my parents. I started my own business at the age of seventeen and my dad became my business consultant whenever I needed him. My mother was my top chef, and someone to trouble. They probably gave up on me and left my faith to my spiritual Masters. I made plenty of mistakes and do so till today. At least they did not nag me. I felt bad for my actions, learned my lessons and moved on. My life is a combination of my deeds and desires. The grace of God is an additional bonus that saves me. So, stop complaining about your children and feeling sorry for yourself. You are not able to let go and think you know it all. Let everyone make mistakes or there will not learn in life. They are teenagers and you can probably learn more from them. Have faith in the real parent, and not in the temporary job you have been assigned to—a babysitter. — Satish Daryanani