All of us are going somewhere in life. Ask yourself, “Where do you really want to go?” Some may say, heaven, some do not know. How many will say, “I am missing my real home and want to go back. I am homesick.” God is smart. He put all of us on the train ride of life and let us think we are going somewhere. Actually, all we are doing is making a very big circle, seeing different scenery, and thinking we are progressing. Yet we come back to our starting point. Once we understand we are going nowhere, why do we always rush? It is because our minds are always going somewhere. The mind cannot be still and in one place. Before even finishing one thing, we think of the next. It is like while eating lunch, you are thinking about what you will eat at dinner. If you want to enjoy the ride, just remember the engine, called God, is taking us for a ride in the park. Enjoy it, but you know you will end up at the same station from which you started. So if anyone asks, “Where are you going,” answer, “Going nowhere, just having fun on this journey of life.” — Satish Daryanani