A. The one who is distressed by physical, mental, and spiritual problems can. Indirectly, if everything is perfect in your world, who needs or will care to have spiritual knowledge? You are already living a spiritual life. Who goes to an asylum? Only ones who have mental issues. Spirituality is nothing but removing the mental illness of ignorance. Then there are no problems, only solutions. The world takes birth in our consciousness. Nothing exists in the absence of consciousness. It means our consciousness contains everything. Spiritual knowledge brings this awareness within. The real you is free from prison. Problems are your friends, as they bring you to this state of mind. Water is thought of only when you are thirsty. Spiritual knowledge comes from the inner thirst of being lost. All you need is a correct guide, willpower, and grace, then everything becomes clear to you. So start a new prayer, “Lord, please give me so many problems that I get roasted by this world and seek only the true knowledge that will free me from this suffering.” — Satish Daryanani

spiritual knowledge