The one who has it all and yet does not show it does the best job. So do these: The one who is very rich, but so simple that he may not even get good service, as others think he cannot afford it. The one who is wise yet shows the world he wishes to learn from them. The one who has permanent peace but shows the world he is disturbed by their suffering. The one who, having met God and been with God, shows the world he wishes to be graced by the presence of the Lord. The one who knows the truth and is a realized soul yet shows the world he is still a seeker. The one who knows this world is an illusion and yet lives in it as if it is real. He who does his job as if he is in charge, knowing he is only a slave of the Lord. He shows the world he is money-minded and egoistic, yet is detached from the fruit of his labor and is as humble as ash. In other words, the best job is done when you play your part so well that others do not know and understand who you really are. Let them underestimate you and push your buttons. You smile and act ignorant. — Satish Daryanani

Best man for the job