We expect a saint to wear a uniform, speak spiritual stuff, behave saintly, and be better than the rest of us, according to our minds. Many people know that and fool the world by showing they are saintly, according to the perceptions of the world. Even the real saints have to maintain their saintly images and cannot go to malls, restaurants, or movie theaters—as these acts are not saintly. When the saints are around open-minded people, they can be themselves. They are only human like us. They, too, can enjoy worldly things. The only differences are the following that make a person a saint: They do not think they are saints. They are connected with the Lord and see the Lord in everyone. They speak from the wisdom within, not by memorizing the scriptures like parrots. They experience and radiate peace. They are in the world but not off the world. They only share what they have for the benefit of others and do not keep things for themselves. Lastly, they do not care if others see them as saints or egoists, money-minded, and self-centered people. — Satish Daryanani

Saint charicature