We all need to be in situations which are beyond our control. We should not even be able to do our best or put in any effort. If you go through cancer, or any major health issue, where you have lost control, you get this opportunity to realize who is in control. Even when we go through some financial difficulties, these enable us to see who’s in charge. Actually, nothing is in our control but, we do feel we have done our parts. This lets us believe that we have some control. When you cannot play a part, it means you have completely let go. Now you have two options: be frustrated that you cannot do anything or shut up and leave it to God. You can even pray and try to negotiate with God but, when everything fails, it is for your good. “Boss, you have won. I realize I have zero control. I have learned the lesson. Now, can we move on?”This past year was to teach us who’s in charge. Believe me, these daily thoughts teach me who’s is in charge of the thumbs that type. — Satish Daryanani