We must understand that God does not need us to think of Him. He is peaceful and happy on His own. When you stand and watch the ocean on a stormy day, you see continuous wave after wave, without a break. You cannot do anything to stop them. Similarly, our stormy minds have continuous waves of thoughts. All we can do is replace the crazy thoughts of unnecessary things by thinking of God. At least we get to enjoy a slight break from the storm. God does not stop our thoughts. He only replaces them with something that benefits us. Now there is love, a little peace, a little wisdom, a little self-reflection, and a little gratitude. Even the thought of writing this thought is still a thought. Only now is there a change of venue and freedom from the stupid worldly thoughts that have no purpose. One day, by thinking of God, you will reach the thoughtless state where there is no you and no God. That should be our goal. In the meantime, disturb Him so that both you and Him are entertained. — Satish Daryanani