We know cigarettes are not good for us, yet some people smoke. Alcohol is bad for our livers, yet many people cannot control their liquor intake. We know that worrying cannot change any outcome in life, yet we waste our precious energy worrying. Life is a mirror and everything we do comes back to us. We cheat people knowing we are cheating ourselves and stealing from ourselves. We wish ill on others while wishing ill on ourselves. Our hatred of others is nothing but hatred for ourselves. God is smiling and enjoying the show. Every thought, word, and action is like making funny faces in front of a mirror, which only we can see. Those who love themselves do good for selfish reasons. We benefit from our selfishness. It is like how a restaurant adds to the cost of food and drinks: sales tax, VAT, and gratuity. All the wrong we do comes back to us with a very high value-added tax. — Satish Daryanani

frog looking in a mirror