Someone asked me this question today:. Why does the Earth rotate on its axis? It is energy that makes the Earth rotate. Our energies are rewarded by money, which is also a form of energy. We can enjoy the other’s energy in exchange for money. For example, I want to benefit from the energy of a manufacturing plant in China. It is hard to send my energy in exchange. Money is the international medium used to help each other. We may not be able to serve others, so money helps us buy someone else’s energy. Money, by itself, is neutral. It is often misused and misunderstood. In India, most people worship the goddess of wealth. We want free energy without putting in effort. We cannot live without the attachment of money, as we seek equal reward for our efforts. Do your best. Let what is due to you come to you. We offer God money for His blessings, even though everything is given by Him. Most of the stress in the world is due to money. We lose our precious, peaceful energy to get the energy that gives us temporary happiness. Thank God there is money in the world, otherwise not many will think and pray to God. Even the almighty dollar says, “In God We Trust.” — Satish Daryanani

$1 bill