The law of karma makes us pay a price for our wrong doings. But we cannot remember. Hence, we do not repent. Karma is misunderstood. It is not a punishment for all our wrong doings but reformation for the soul. We take only a small portion of our actions from previous and current lives and work on cleansing ourselves. If it was a punishment, we will not be able to handle all the wrongs committed not only by our actions but also our thoughts. Majority is forgiven. We are only reforming a small portion of our ignorance. Those who are fortunate learn fast and move on. Grace helps our karmic cleansing. It is simple—if you ask for forgiveness and never repeat the action, then you are free from that weakness. It may feel unjust that people do not really pay for their actions. We cannot understand His plan. I thank God for that. I am not paying for all my actions. — Satish Daryanani