When we get the Wi-Fi password on a plane, or of a hotel, etc., we get happy. We can now connect with the world. The speed of the internet may not be as fast as it is at home. However, it is free and so we put up with the limited speed and limited data with which we can download. To connect to the ultimate Web we also need a code. Instead of www, you will be linked to the Divine web. Here, you do not need to search on Google, you become Google. You will have all the answers to the questions people will ask of you. You will learn new things from these questions as you would not think of those topics. The answers will come to you instantly in the concentrated form. You will have to dilute it into words based on the capacity of the listener. All the information or entertainment that you require from the internet will more than be satisfied with this connection. What is this password? “You must want it more than air.” Now you are permanently connected. — Satish Daryanani

Free wi-fi