When people are tortured beyond a certain point, they become unconscious. Then they are forcefully revived so they can again be tortured. Even when people fall very ill, they reach the state of unconsciousness. To be aware of this unconsciousness is something quite unique. It is a state in which you are aware of the pain, but not painful. You are unconscious, yet conscious. You are with the Lord, but still separate. You are enjoying the state of this haze. Words cannot express this feeling. Now, the person has three choices. First, to leave this body which has served its purpose and completely merge with the Beloved. Second, continue to enjoy this state where you are at the edge of the cliff: enjoying a state of being alive and dead. Third, because of the love and prayers of everyone, you decide to come back to this asylum. The will to live is only for the love of others. It is like waking up from a deep sleep that takes place from jet lag. This one is very hard to explain. Only the one who has enjoyed this state will realize the sacrifice it takes to come back. So our prayers and love for that person are for him to stop enjoying and come back and suffer with us. — Satish Daryanani

Illustration of human with orange aura