The waters of the ocean are calm. As soon as a desire comes, it creates wind, which creates waves. The stronger the desire, the larger are the waves that come crashing towards the shore. Even the desire to serve and change the world creates waves. We work day and night trying to calm the waves of desire. We may even use as an excuse satisfying the desires of our family members. We take on a lot of stress and make sacrifices to satisfy the desire to be rich. We think all our desires can be purchased with money. Show me how to satisfy with money the desire of being peaceful. More choices will be available to you when you gain more wealth. These choices create even more desires, leading to more misery. Whenever you can be of service, do your part. Then, service takes place without you even being aware of it. The calmness of a desireless mind can be experienced by others. Recently, I got caught up in this web. This thought is for me. When I let go, I automatically became free. My biggest desire was to influence people to turn to a vegetarian diet and to spread the teachings. I became a slave to that. Now I am free.  My desire to change the world has changed to the desire for my own transformation. — Satish Daryanani



Ocean wave