When my spiritual Master came out of surgery, he looked at everything like a child. He kept on repeating, “Wonderful, wonderful!” People asked him, “What is wonderful?” He gave no answer. When the cataract of blindness, or of ignorance is removed, we will look at everything and just say, “Wonderful, wonderful!” We all see the same world with the same eyes and lose sight of the wonder that is around us. Come out of the deep coma of this never-ending sleep and see the wonder you have missed—not the noise, pollution, traffic jams, and overcrowding, but the wonder like a child starts seeing when it is born. Seeing everything as wonderful is the reward for leading a spiritual life. The reason for our birth is to enjoy this wonderful life—not just running after the shadows of money, name, and fame. It is to see the wonder of the divinity in every atom of this world. Only then will this thought be wonderful. — Satish Daryanani

children with eyes filled with delight