People use words like arrows to tear through the heart. Words can destroy people, their self-esteem, and can lead to depression. They can cause anger, hatred, and desire for vengeance. The same thing can happen when spiritual Masters use words like arrows. They, too, pierce hearts and cause pain—the pain of displeasing them or not living up to the faith they have in you, the guilt of not maximizing your potential. This pain is worse than the first one, as the anger is on the self. The spiritual Masters speak the truth and now it’s destroying you. When they leave their bodies, you have the regret of not having made changes in your life while they were alive. Their words hurt even more when you have not reformed to their standards. Words are the most powerful weapons and no ointment can heal the wounds caused by harsh words. I have thrown a lot of arrows in my life and have also received many. The hard ones are when they are given out of love. — Satish Daryanani