Words present the hardest thing a person goes through everyday. Correct words can get you success, name, and fame. You can heal with words and help inspire people. You can even spread the teachings with words. You can win the heart of a beautiful girl with words. My daily struggle is to put into words the experiences from within. Words can cause peace or war, marriages or divorces, friendships or enemies. Putting correct words together can create a beautiful poem or speech. Words can discriminate between people or create fear in them. Thank you, God, for the greatest gift of all. We can win Your heart without words. Our longing for You is only in pain, which can never be expressed. No talent is required to put our feelings for You in words. Best of all, You do not have to suffer to put into words all the wisdom You give us. It comes only in the form of experiences within us. Our relationship with God is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes. I would be given an F grade because of that. True love requires no words. Only a salesperson uses words to try and sell; even to sell that love to someone. — Satish Daryanani

Couple expressing words of love