Even though the women’s team won the Championship, they got paid less than the men’s team. The reason being that more people watch men play football. It is not fair, yet it is true. Financial equality is not easy. We are all created by the same source, yet our pay is not the same for the same job. More women can cook, and yet, more Master Chefs are men. The world is not meant to be fair and equal. In the depths of spirituality, nothing can hold you back. Neither gender, nor race, nor financial status, nor religion. Do not get mad, get even. Use the pain of inequality in life to reach the state where others cannot. Dig with this pain and find the equanimity. If you do get it, do not use it to show others your superiority. Instead, help others who feel they are not treated fairly. Those women know they may not get equal pay, but they have four world championships under their belts. No pay can replace that joy. Do your best for equality in the world and keep in mind: We are equal in the eyes of God. — Satish Daryanani

Women's World Cup Champions 2019