Many aspects in spirituality and life can be answered with both yes and no. It depends on our understanding. Spiritual Masters can confuse the disciples, who then debate over which one answer is correct. There is karma, yes and no. There is heaven and hell, yes and no. There is reincarnation, yes and no. There is a God, yes and no. This world and everything is an illusion, yes and no. There is realization and liberation, yes and no. You are a soul and spirit, yes and no. And many more yes’s and no’s. There are a few 100 percent yes’s. We will all leave this physical form. Peace is within each one of us. Our reaction to whatever happens to us is our freedom. The depths to which we go within is permanent. Everything that happens is only for our good. Work on changing ourselves first. No two creatures are the same. We all will have different opinions about this thought. — Satish Daryanani

No or Yes choices held by a woman