In this day and age, Yoga and meditation have become fashion statements. On Yoga Day in New York, I saw a lot of selfies being taken. Today, Yoga is a brand with great outfits and an exercise routine. Whenever spirituality is discussed, the first question asked is, “Do you meditate?” What is the real purpose of Yoga and meditation? Yoga was created to make your body supple and relaxed so you could sit in silence for long periods. Meditation is one form of silence. People find it hard to do. Is it hard for a rich man to mediate on money? Or for women to mediate on clothes and shoes? You have to focus on something you love. So, if your head is on the lap of the Beloved, is it hard to focus?. Do not meditate, let meditation happen. Practice Yoga to keep your body fit to serve. You do not have to become a pretzel. The body is like a moving car. Practicing Yoga brings your body to a parked mode. Once there, please turn off the engine by spending some time silencing your mind. — Satish Daryanani

Yoga Day NYC