Our molds are made. The only way we can change them is by breaking them. That is why it is painful to change completely. The spiritual Masters are needed to break us. The mold is hard because of our habits, fears, desires, attachments, and egos. So can you really change? In many aspects, because of your karmic past, you are made the way you are. For example, if someone likes to repeat things, not much can be done about it. The only big change that can occur is in your understanding and in your attitude after wisdom is achieved. If you are right-handed, you continue to be the same. You might have better control over your weaknesses, and fear fades as your faith increases. But mostly, you are still going to be the same pain-in-the-butt to others. They may not even see the change in you. The bottom line is that the change is within you, and that is the most important thing.— Satish Daryanani