We have heard this saying. All the talks of spiritual Masters, their books, as well as their thoughts are for one purpose: to encourage everyone to want self realization. The hard part is to describe that. It is like encouraging a blind person to see the ocean or a deaf person to hear music. Both are wonderful to experience. How to create that want? Many examples are given and stories told to encourage us. To put it in words is very hard.
The only way to encourage us to want that indescribable ecstasy is to see the results after someone has gotten it. See the Masters who have got it. The way they live will encourage us. This is the hardest thought so far to express. You must want it more than air itself that gift for which this human form is given. Only then will you get it. All you can do is to not be satisfied with the outer world. Let there be a vacuum, or a void. The wanting will fill it. — Satish Daryanani