In our youth, we use our skills, stamina, and confidence. With experience, we use our minds and bring out the best in those who are around us. In youth, we have enthusiasm. We use a lot of words and try to save the world. With experience, we think first, use few words, and only work on those who are diamonds in the rough. In youth, we are impatient, trying to prove we each are somebody. With experience, we become nobody and have nothing to prove. We patiently let things unfold. In youth, we depend on and use our energy. With experience we let go and let the divine energy flow through us. In youth, people can rattle our cage and divert us from our game plans. With experience we observe and make adjustments as needed. We become flexible. In youth, we live to make our name and live for the future. With experience we learn to enjoy the golden present. In youth, we are slaves to our minds and egos, whereas with experience we master our minds and emotions and are poised to enjoy whatever life brings us. — Satish Daryanani